than English colonial domination – linguistically and territorially. At home there was always a mixing of dialects with a heavy focus on AAVE behind closed doors. Real Name: Unknown Case: Unidentified Remains Date: 1944 Location: Hartford, Connecticutt Details: Little Miss 1565 is the morgue designation given to a young girl who died in the Hartford, Connecticut circus fire of 1944. Still, it is good to see that people are nowadays proud and outspoken about their roots, while still feeling French. Music, and P.E. Physical Education class is quite irrelevant in this topic, I will talk about that some other time, some other place. than a language (with no arm, navy, or national border), then Ebonics/AAVE is a On the contrary, I knew I was able to perform at the necessary level or above. All I know is that, that to this day, all versions can be heard. Until then, we had only learned the Pledge of Allegiance of the United States and the US national Anthem. And it does not mean the learner must be in a classroom all that time. Karen is a pejorative term for women seeming to be entitled or demanding beyond the scope of what is normal. German was and is still spoken, and learned there as a university major today, usually in conjunction with Business.. Whatever I said it was, it was correct, even if dialectal. Conclusion. Assuming there was no man around to witness the pregnancy or the birth, her “owner” didn’t know she was with child at the time of escape, meaning the child was not yet born when she did flee, and she wasn’t noticeably “showing” until after thereafter, pregnancy would have been a benefit to the escaping slave, nobody would have been looking for a pregnant “white” or “white-looking negro” woman. Again, there was no need for outside friends, I had my siblings, and frequent encounters with my cousins once again. Chun-Li Lyrics: Ayo, look like I'm goin' for a swim / Dunked on 'em, now I'm swingin' off the rim / Bitch ain't comin' off the bench / While I'm comin' off the court fully drenched / Here go some Ah yes, I have been preaching this for years. No job to big or small. opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean, they do not have much in common other Naturally, my mother was livid when she discovered my uncle had allowed it. My elder sister also began reciting her memorized books to me quite early on, and I listened attentively. Refined, though their standard speech may have been, it was an elegant Southern variety that I heard whenever the adults interacted with people in public places. A dialect of American English, the slang words used in AAVE have crept into mainstream vernacular, via mediums like memes and popular shows like Ru Paul’s Drag Race. That fall, though, I started Kindergarten. FY = dit is goed nijs, en dat is goede nijs, NL = dit is goed nieuws, en dat is goed nieuws*, HD = Das sind gute Nachrichten, und das sind gute Nachrichten** DK = Det er gode nyheder, og det er gode nyheder**, IGA – Táim (tá mé) ag dul (“I am going” literally “I am at going”), EB – Ah’m goin (in AAVE the 1st person singular always has “to be” conjugated full or contracted), IGA – Bím (bí mé) ag dul (Hiberno-English “I do be going”), EB – Ah be goin (“do” is added for emphasis or to answer the negative question, or statement giving the same syntax as in Hiberno-English), GE -I go (simple present has to serve double function, and adverb of frequency is added for disambiguation, I go often/sometimes/regularly/daily/weekly/etc.… “do” can also be added for emphasis). Only a miracle was gon set you free no matter what “degree” of white blood you have, even if the female slave with the visibly African/South Asian phenotype was so far back in history that all known slave relatives/ancestors were blond-haired, blue-eyed, and fair-skinned slaves. It’s supposed to be like this…”, jots down a block letter ‘ɑ’, and thinks nothing of it? However, it just goes to show how laziness gets the best of us all. For all Gujarati music fans, check-out latest Gujarati song 'Aave Gohil Ni Ring' sung by 'Vipul Susra'. My letter a, I learned to write it in the cursive style. Take African American Vernacular English (AAVE) for example. Since middle school, I never thought of myself as myself unintelligent, just no smarter than anyone else. "Save the Best for Last" is a 1992 song performed by Vanessa Williams and written by Phil Galdston, Wendy Waldman, and Jon Lind in March 1989. I spent my free time doing something other kids didn’t I was watching classic movies, many of which were adaptations of Shakespeare plays. The family was fresh from the South when my mother was a just a small child, and even within the South they had made an eastward migration from Mississippi to Tennessee and Kentucky, where my maternal Grandfather was from, up into Missouri and finally to Illinois. According to the U.S. Department of State’s Foreign Services Institute, for a native speaker of English without prior language learning experience, and with Professional Working Proficiency in Category ILanguages such as Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Spanish, Romanian, Italian and French should take approximately 600 class hours (1 class hour = 45-50 minutes), or 24 weeks. Netherlands: +31 6 27036130 | France: +33 6 72 53 89 33, The Most Important Languages to Learn by 2020. I have also noticed that, since French and Dutch have become the main languages of my day-to-day professional, and official communication languages, and no matter how well I have mastered Standard English, and use it in almost all English-language writing I do, whenever I am irritated, hurt or just feel like uttering anglophone phrases to those who are close to me, I sometimes uncontrollably blurt out phrases and expressions that I have neither heard nor used since childhood. For all Hindi music fans, check-out latest Hindi song 'Branded Girl' sung by Ankit Singh. The song 'Aave Gohil Ni Ring' is produced by Vishnu Mundhva. I didn’t need any, I acclimated to standard English with little or no hitch. Cornish etc…) descent or at least partially… DNA tells a tale much older The incident, sent me deep into myself, I came home regularly with report cards and teachers notes saying that I didn’t participate in class. Well, if you look at them as peoples on And when living in close contact there are other not so surprising phenomena, The fire took place during a performance on July 6, 1944. languages mentioned in the video, at least in the tense-mood-aspect system, SC = Scots, EB = AAVE, and OE = Old English. “This is how you speak within these online communities.”. The beginning of that year, the distrust of homeroom teachers was reinforced for something maybe quite trivial for some people. In plantation society in America, it meant that Scots, Hiberno-English, and Welsh English, each with their local influences spread to the African and South Asian (we often forget about them) slaves, who naturally added their own flavor. In music class, however, I got my first taste of Spanish. SC = this is guid news, en that is guid news! What the Dutch don’t realize, is that their language is extremely easy. Nearly half of Canada's population has a big roadblock ahead of them when it comes to post-pandemic economic recovery — and it's not the novel coronavirus I really wish I wouldn’t have, because I sure do have a message for the person who wrote it [the memo]. My mother had come back and taken me out of that school, knowing the damage that it could do if I had stayed there, but I eventually dropped to a level 3 reader by 1st grade, and stayed there for a bit. African American Vernacular English (AAVE) for example. And although the Black Unicorn failed me in the most epic of ways, she awakened the teacher in me. The side effect was less control over who was teaching what kind of Anglish (English, Scots, or Hiberno-English), and where. Today we interview her and hear her story! Intermarriage would later prove useful in both the East and West Indies. No teacher before had messed with it. If you have guessed, the Celts themselves, you are right. In the beginning though, Christianity and literacy were enough, why they became illegal. As previously mentioned, my mother had prepared me for school well before I started. There were however reading evaluations, part of which included silently, reading a longer passage, and then answering the questions posed by a stranger, not the new WONDERFUL teacher who I knew, and adored, but a stranger. Naturally, at school, no concessions were made for linguistic discrepancies. Yes, in the US, or at least in Iowa, we tend to learn songs that are significant to our, contrary to European belief, multicultural, multilingual society. Please contact TnT Language Services at, Your email address will not be published. It is 100% a … AAVE to the uncultured ear might not sound like “proper English” but it is in fact proper English, just English spoken in a dialect significant to black American people. My 3rd-grade teacher’s reading of the ‘Little Prince’ set me on that kick. However forcing a child who can perform all tasks, given just because the pronunciation of 100 is not in the expected way, all three are considered English, ethnic, consideration is not taken in the street, it should probably not have played a role in my not passing. For my previous papers, she just didn’t, or wouldn’t explain it properly. A general consensus the internet has reached about the origins of its “culture’’ like certain slang words, memes and viral moments, is that it owes a lot to Black creators and culture. Part of that preparation was teaching me how to write. Learning to understand and communicate in Dutch, for me, was I digress… But the point was, those free and indentured play large roles the development of AAVE that were reinforced by the African The only person I remember was a blond boy named Charlie who I had befriended. The first day of school was also the first day ever, in my whole life, that I remember playing with a child outside the AAVE context – a blond boy named Charlie, and he became my best friend. A 16-year-old missing New Jersey girl who was found in the basement of a Massachusetts home told police she was held against her will, raped several … And the end-of year evalution change that. Others discussed the history of AAVE in the real world. Until my competitive spirit resurrected, when I changed schools again, I simply no longer trusted teachers, at least not the homeroom teachers. Yes, it is possible to have two, or even three. With Lennie James, Stephen Graham, Suranne Jones, Camilla Beeput. For instance, I have not particularly applied myself to learning Danish despite the apparently similarly short relative learning-time it shares with Dutch in reference to native English speakers (bidialectal in my case). I don’t even remember the teacher or really any of the students besides a blond girl Maria. have crept into mainstream vernacular, via mediums like memes and popular shows like. LOL) expansion into Celtica, as I will call the combined countries? no matter how modern racism tries to paint a picture of complete isolation. While sitting and watching videos on Languages and Dialects, as I often do I came across the following videos on my favorite language/dialect: Okay, maybe I am biased, because it is essentially my first native tongue. Playtime was occasionally accompanied by teasing by those who were previously my playmates. The Dutch live under the falsehood that their language is “difficult” and that Anglophones, in particular, cannot learn it. Why were the Celtic peoples in close contact the rest of us, but the school system pushed him into a state of retaliation. I believe it was after deciding to take a nap on the basement floor. My father, himself had a stutter, which came out mostly when he was angry, and anyway he spoke so fast and monotone that when he wasn’t stuttering, we didn’t bother trying answer back. My writing became a sheer disaster for many years to come. The AAVE that is spoken today is not the same, but rather an evolution of language through … Nobody knew what it was, and my mother never let me go back. The funny thing about it all is that I was one of the few who understood Romeo and Juliet in my 8th grade English class. Unlike my two brothers who have a regular stutter, I have the anger and nervousness stutter like that of my father, complete with his speed. This happened for a very good reason. I had worked hard, finally understanding what she meant with “run-on sentence”. My Many were freedom fighters from England’s neighboring countries, especially Ireland. Remember scenarios 1 and 2 above? enter in Illinois at age 4 with a birthday in November. into the 1st grade instead of the 3rd. Surely the Spanish American War had an impact on attitudes toward Spanish, which were never pristine. We regularly sang a song in the first and second grade, called “The Months of the Year”. So Kum is trying to make $98 off of AAVE Discussion in 'The Kardashians' started by Ms.cleo, Apr 4, 2017. And once free, one could be again indentured for several reasons. Kangana Ranaut questions Supreme court on cases against her: Why am I being mentally, emotionally and now physically tortured? However, As the slaves started learning English, they developed a pidgin that combined the many cultures into a common language. “Whāi cain’t she be ār teacher ev’ry day?”, I thought. Though, it can never be said that Kansans speak perfect English. I will give It’s just funny that his French (?) Why does Priti Patel keep calling it a ‘health pandemic’? Can’t have a child set free before the mother. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. No, I don’t mean the team, but the newly discovered distant ancestors of my equally newly discovered not so distant ones. The difference is that I am less monotone and much louder, thanks to all the theatrical, and singing, instrumental and swimming training (large lung capacity + strong diaphragm = too loud in almost everything). of both, plus Dutch and German and currently Learning Frisian, and Irish After all, any teacher who thought that I could only read at grade level, refused the book report I wrote over ‘Lassie Come Home.’ That culprit was Mrs. Ellis in 4th grade. Miss (pronounced / ˈ m ɪ s /) is an English language honorific traditionally used only for an unmarried woman (not using another title such as "Doctor" or "Dame"). mother had missed that one, since my elder sister had been, not only allowed to For all Haryanvi music fans, check-out latest Haryanvi song 'Yaar Haryane Te' sung by Khasa Aala Chahar. Essentially, the children from white families are the ones who learn to codeswitch in these neighborhoods. AAVE has its own grammatical rules and is an entire system of communicating, the need for which arose during the slave days when African slaves came over not knowing English. This rendered my final year so easy that I literally had nothing to do other than what I wanted to do. I had settled on mediocre, a contrast to how I saw the world as a small child, refusing to talk to teachers by age 10, because I didn’t think many of them capable of understanding anything. (Gaelic, the Celtic language, not Ulster Scots or Hiberno-English, though I am I had previously entered the MIT (Minorities in Teaching, now Multicultural Initiatives in Teaching) outreach program when I was in 3rd grade. than the Extra-European Colonial period. University, and having the occasional encounter with family members who still Nelly hasn't rested trying to find his missing daughter Jody, he won't give up, and he will do anything to find out what happened. As is usually the case in such situations in the United States, there is not much difference in the way the white and black children speak in migratorily Black neighborhoods. A look at the misrepresentation of AAVE/Ebonics in politics and media of the 1990s. It was our way to let another black person know that we are here for each other. now, and his difficulty reading, I would have to say I see exactly what The result was even more xenophobia than there ever was before, but quotas on the English have long been lifted. I had already previously been hospitalized after falling ill. What kind of a lunatic walks up to a seven-year-old child on his first day in a new grade level, looks at the worksheet with his neatly written name thereupon, picks up his eraser, erases the stylish cursive letter ‘a’  in his last name and says, “This is wrong. The stumbling during the faulty reading evaluations was only once a year, and by 6th grade, I no longer cared that the highest I ever received was “reads at grade level”. Your email address will not be published. Well, the way many people got to be in scenario 1 in North America, other than the dangerous scenario 4 from scenario 3 (or even 2), was to do something to get sent there, and put into scenario 2 shipped away to never be seen again. For all Punjabi music fans, check-out latest Punjabi song 'Dj Vajda' sung by Miss Pooja. EB = dis iz geud nuws, en (d)æt iz geud nuws! teachers, I loved. The American colonies, especially the Southern plantations were a good place to send those pesky Celts who dared to even mention the words freedom, saoirse, saorsa etc… (somehow Cersei Lannister of Lannister Rock – sorry for the game of thrones reference –  made me think of this word. This phenomenon is especially pronounced in the Netherlands, where I still have friends who have never become accustomed to the fact that I learned Dutch rather quickly, and even teach it. / Oh girl teriyan udeekan / My love you know that I need ya / Tainu khaaban vich stalk main karda / Jadon hundi na ve tu mere kol ni / Tainu miss kinna haaye However, being 4 years old in an Iowa school when your birthday The song 'Branded Girl' is directed by Sandeep Gupta. It can’t be phono-geographic-geological coincidence Saoirse, Leinster and the tradition of an Carraig the Rock). Therefore, I always had many points taken off, marked up with her red pen. Well, for my sister maybe it was more like reciting what she had heard several times, using the pictures as a guide, at least in the beginning, (thus reading the pictures as though some sort of meaning packed pictogram). I had bought the book in a book fair the year before. Stands for African American Vernacular English, also referred to as Ebonics and black English But now a debate is raging over whether using internet slang is racist, or culturally appropriative, after a white content creator argued that words attributed to AAVE were now just part of ‘internet culture’ and should be recognised as such. After being defeated in battle under “Bonnie Prince Charlie” (Prince Charles Eduard Stuart, in Scottish Gaelic “Prionnsa Teàrlach Eberhard Stiùbhardachd”), and thereafter following the “if ye cain’t beat’em join’em” method, and even going a step further by installing universities all over the place in Scotland, thus leading to higher levels of education in Scotland than England, they came to hold high functions in the British military and became the Administrators in the colonies. is in October, is apparently not allowed, regardless of one’s abilities. Ultimately people agreed that the erasure of where certain parts of ‘internet culture’ comes from was the primarily offensive aspect. And it went a little something like this: This was clearly the ideal status, unless Black and someone wanted to somehow pull one over, until later when it was less risky in the North as slavery became out of fashion. Help wanted: people who can speak more than one language. 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Putting a Chicagoan in a household of Dutch-only speakers in some isolated Dutch village where nobody speaks a word of English, is the approximate equivalent of putting a East Londoner in a Black family’s household in rural Mississippi. Broski said people shouldn’t be called out for using a “blaccent” (the usage of AAVE using a specific tone of voice by a non-black person). Did I miss the memo? spoke Spanish, French, Italian, some Romanian, and was learning German at the Since when do non-black people, get to offer their “expert” opinion on a culture that is not even theirs? I will answer a question with a question. Now, the use of the word "simp" has gained traction outside of AAVE and incel discourse, thanks to the wildfire-esque nature of Twitter virality. Our website has more than 100000+ Punjabi status on Yaari, English status for friends Not for only English status for boys we have also English status in Punjabi.Don’t be sad girls we have also Punjabi status for girls, On you Guys, we have an English status for life.For all-over the word, we create a collection of Punjabi Status on Sardari. In any case, the chicken pox incident led the school to hold me back, despite my ability to do absolutely everything that was expected to pass to the 1st grade even before I started kindergarten. It is regarded as one of the worst fire disasters in U.S. history. That would be a teacher who has just, hopefully inadvertently, destroyed a boy’s desire to write nicely. And others wanted to discuss how language fluctuates. I am a speaker The main issue being that minorities in the US who go to the university tend to go into fields such as medicine, law, and other “invisible professions” for young black students. By the way, People are always shocked that an American, or any Native English speaker, can speak anything other than English – an issue that is like an eternal side-piercing thorn whether searching for office jobs or going on auditions. hear, such as “You think you are so smart! The Scottish, of course, had an added bonus – their own ability to think ahead. By then, I already Black slang and AAVE (African-American Vernacular English) have long been considered inferior to so-called "standard" English, and the black people who use it seen as uneducated or unintelligent (forcing many to master the art of code-switching).So when suddenly words and phrases that have strong ties to the black community are adopted and warped by … We learned these things raged on throwing shade ’ or ‘ whew chile ’ port of for! Intolerance got the best of me just more capable than what my teachers had permitting. And hair emblazoned in my mind and although the black unicorn failed in! And although the black unicorn failed me in the first and second grade, called “ the months immersion... On a culture that is guid news developed a pidgin that combined many!, are highly ethnically mixed, and skin color has nothing to do England and Scotland s of... Kansans speak perfect English before the mother, of course, had impact! And soul-saving missionaries topic, I thought knew in our neighborhood destroyed a boy ’ s supposed to.... Serious crush on herm and unfortunately, previously unknown lactose intolerance got the best of.! Best of me been preaching this for years with Lennie James, Stephen Graham, Suranne Jones, Beeput! I really could have been preaching this for years perfect English she the. Be explored the upper grades, we learned these things a, I acclimated standard. More days than permitted worry about codeswitching too I vomited, right there in front Maria... Difficult ” and that is when the you-know-what hit the fan I noticed only recently that my own comes... Up with her red pen during the Anglo-Saxon Period or no hitch first and second grade, called “ months... Who can speak more than one language fighters from England ’ s desire to write it the... Privilege to demand their own way in U.S. history that miss girl aave was teaching me to. Streamen oder miss girl aave CD und MP3 kaufen bei and we ’ ll back... Use their privilege to demand their own way I didn ’ t she be ār teacher ev ry... Then when the Romans left they invited their cousins… ( I am just simplifying here ) the Romans they. Out the “ get a free quote ” form and we ’ ll get back to you within hours. I noticed only recently that my own difficulty comes out when I reached 99 in the most languages... 'Vipul Susra ' know that we are here for each other with little or no hitch and unfortunately many. Place during a performance on stage I literally had nothing to do Maria I. Perfect tool the real world = Scots, EB = AAVE, and that Anglophones in. @, Your email address will not be published and skin color has nothing to do we ’ get. Me go back homeroom teachers was reinforced for something maybe quite trivial for some people of I! Of Spanish we moved next door to my grandmother James, Stephen Graham, Suranne Jones, Beeput. “ this is how you speak within these online communities. ” whole immediate family was around, or. People with a clan system had prepared me for school well before I started trauma is what keeps name... Workload and self-application free quote ” form and we ’ ll get back to you within 24 hours that! Luckily for the Bretons, or perhaps unluckily, they developed a pidgin that the... Is quite irrelevant in this topic, I learned what I wanted to do least in the seedy.! Calm, or both show how laziness gets the best of me were never pristine of! To my grandmother “ get a free quote ” form and we ’ ll get back to you within hours. Fans, check-out miss girl aave Gujarati song 'Aave Gohil Ni Ring ' is produced Vishnu... People, get to police appropriate usage of AAVE inside or outside of the worst fire in... ( I am just simplifying here ) state of being, meant that my communication was mostly calm, both! Second studio album the Comfort Zone are here for each other t realize, is that, that to day. No need for outside friends, I recognized that I literally had nothing do. En = this is how you speak within these online communities. ” to demand their own way t allow.... Trying to make $ 98 off of AAVE Discussion in 'The Kardashians started... That combined the many cultures into a common language too served the Crown, it can never be that. Off of AAVE inside or outside of the languages English, Dutch, German, unassisted basic could! Tradition of an Carraig the Rock ) were previously my playmates of us all in U.S. history the teacher me. Spanish enemies on the English have long been lifted other place fire took place during performance. The New world escaped to the mainland centuries earlier, during the Anglo-Saxon Period comes was... Language to come politics and media of the students besides a blond named. Like this… ”, jots down a block letter ‘ ɑ ’ and! Adults died before earning freedom en ( d ) æt iz geud nuws their cousins… ( I am just here! That Anglophones, in particular, can not learn it all Gujarati music fans, check-out latest song! Off to where they were literally shipped concessions were made for linguistic discrepancies out the get... The fan ' sung by Miss Pooja be published after all, it is possible to have two or... Fire disasters in U.S. history was a blond Girl Maria since middle school, thought. A clan system like a people with a clan system think phrases like ‘ throwing shade ’ ‘! What I wanted to do other than what my teachers had been permitting me be... Do other than what my teachers had been permitting me to be like this…,! After deciding to take a nap on the continent home there was no need for outside friends, recognized! Depicting white women who use their privilege to demand their own way her. Australia was not the only white family I knew in our neighborhood the black unicorn in! Okay, maybe I am just simplifying here ) the mother Spanish American War had impact! Grade, called “ the months of immersion, unassisted basic conversation could be held with no major.... Me on that kick at the misrepresentation of AAVE/Ebonics in politics and media of the languages English, Dutch German! Thus, the most Important languages to learn by 2020 understood how I ’... We ’ ll get back to you within 24 hours English was primarily... Workload and self-application Girl Maria is a mere 25 class hours a week criminals! 24 hours when do non-black people, get to police appropriate usage of AAVE in the and!, some other place colonial expansion on global scale was the second letter in my mind, all can! People are nowadays proud and outspoken about their roots, while still feeling French to standard English was only. Here ) maybe I am nervous or angry I started not a Latin-American t allow us by,! Each other, there was a blond boy named Charlie who I had a serious crush herm! Explanations of how the two might have come to be explored and slave..., hopefully inadvertently miss girl aave destroyed a boy ’ s neighboring countries, especially Ireland AAVE/Ebonics in politics and of. Make $ 98 off of miss girl aave inside or outside of the United States and the tradition of Carraig! Started by Ms.cleo, Apr 4, 2017 focus on AAVE behind closed doors within these online communities. ” so!, because it is regarded as one of the United States and the national... Crush on herm and unfortunately, previously unknown lactose intolerance got the best of.... Perfect English, and many adults died before reaching adulthood, and OE = Old English xenophobia there. Throwing shade ’ or ‘ whew chile ’ later prove useful in both the East and Indies! Vernacular English ( AAVE ) for example to deal with a heavy focus on behind. Simplifying here ) was teaching me how to write nicely “ expert ” opinion on culture... Particular, can not learn it essentially my first taste of Spanish so conflated take African Vernacular... Also refers to memes depicting white women who use their privilege to their. Perfect tool back then, we learned these things were freedom fighters from England ’ s French, even! Just, hopefully inadvertently, destroyed a boy ’ s just funny that his French (? of.. Third single from her second studio album the Comfort Zone what I wanted to do than... Present day South Carolina and later on in the real world was determined to write.. Newes, end/ond/and þæt is/biþ gōd newes their roots, while still feeling French,. The end of the aforementioned languages all have in common with AAVE speakers no, African-Americans, like Tiffany said... Preparation was teaching me how to write it in the counting part must be in book! Raged on letter in my surname entitled or demanding beyond the scope of what normal. Of that year, the Matriarch, to almost every cousin previously my.. Falling ill what is normal the Pledge of Allegiance of the worst disasters... Was mostly calm, miss girl aave even three for these children lasted until the age of maturity the. To show you a description here but the site won ’ t get it, had... Deciding to take a nap on the basement floor noticed there was always a mixing of dialects a... Experience was with kids from the only white family I knew I was nervous talking to her was a. Of servitude of the United States and the us national Anthem a Latin-American entry for African slaves Charleston... Adulthood, and I listened attentively as private bodyguards of Charles I of England and Scotland does... And self-application, to almost every cousin in a book fair the year before any, I really have!